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On this page of you can find my best craps tips and craps secrets. Craps is a game of chance; but some bets are better then other bets. You should place bets on the best bets at the craps table.

Craps Tips & Craps Secrets

On this page you can find my best craps tips. Even though craps is mainly a casino game of chance in which lady luck is the one who decides if you win or lose - I still have a few craps tips I would like to share with you before you play craps for real money.

Craps Tip #1

Place the bets with the best expected return:

  • Place Pass Line Bets and Don't Pass Bets
  • During point rolls place the maximum allowed Odds bets
  • You shall make Come and Don't Come Bets
  • During point rolls support your Come/ Don't Come bets with max. Odds Bets
  • Make place number bets on 6 and 8.
  • Visit my page with - best bets craps strategy
Craps Tip #2

Don't spend any money on craps systems or betting systems.

No craps system will make you beat the house edge in the long run - the same goes for betting systems - they do not work. However placing bets according to a system can be a lot of fun - but don't believe that they will make you a winner at the craps table - It all depends on luck. If you are still interested in a system you can visit my section with gambling systems.

Craps Tip # 3

Look for the craps tables that allow the biggest Odds Bets.

Odds bets are won to true odds - so there is absolutely no house edge on a odds bet. A few casinos offers you the chance to bet behind even bigger odds bets then the regular max. double your pass line bet. If a casino allows you to bet behind 5x odds this is great. The meaning of 5x odds is simply that you are allowed to place a bet that is 5 times as bit as your original pass line bet - so this will reduce the overall house advantage even further then placing a 2 x odds bet. You can find more info on this bet on my page about the odds bet.

Craps Tip # 4

Don't take any advice from other craps players.

In general you should not take advice from other craps players - as most of them don't have a clue about how to calculate odds - many craps players will advice you to make the worst possible bets at the craps table and you should not do that. At the craps table it's possible to make the same bet in several different ways.

For example the bet called Big 6 has a house edge of 9.09% - this is a fools bet. But still you will se many players place wagers on Big6. What makes this even worse is that the place number bet on 6 is exactly the same bet as the Big 6 bet - the only difference is that the place number bet on 6 only has a house advantage of only 1.52%. Do you want advice from craps players that bet on Big6? I hope not.

Craps Tip # 5

Craps players are superstitious - blend in with the crowd.

Craps players tend to be very superstitious. You should not do anything that could be interpreted as being unlucky. For example - Don't say a number that would cause the table to lose. If you a male - don't tell anyone if it's your first time playing craps - male craps 'virgins' are believed to be unlucky - whereas female craps 'virgins' are believed to bring luck to the table. Of cause this is not rational at all - but gambling is entertainment - so don't take anything away from the other players - blend in - and leave the other players alone.

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