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The Probabilities in Craps By Online-Casinos.com

One thing that’s important when you play craps is knowing the probabilities of the outcome of the dice when they are rolled. If you don’t know it already, you can learn more below from the craps probabilities chart.

Craps Probabilities

Before we have a look at the other bets it’s possible to make at the craps table, I would like to teach you a little about the probabilities of every outcome when you roll two dice. There is 36 different outcomes when you roll 2 dice. To enable you to be as successful as possible at the online craps casinos. You should not be gambling with dice without knowing the probabilities illustrated in the table below. The most frequent outcome is 7 – this outcome covers 6 of the 36 possible outcomes. On the other hand the most rare outcome is 2 and 12 – as these outcomes only covers one of the 36 possible outcomes each – 6+6 and 1+1.

When you calculate the odds of winning a pass line bet in the first roll you will have to see how many possibilities there is for getting either 7 or 11. The possibilities for this is 6 and 2. So in the long run your chances of winning your come out roll is 8/36.

What is the risk of losing the come out bet then? Well the outcomes 2, 3 and 12 covers 4/36 of the possible outcomes; so the chances of winning the come out roll is twice that of losing the come out roll.

Together the chances of winning or losing on the come out roll covers 12/36 – or 1/3 of the possible outcomes. When the game continues the odds change drastically.

Craps Probabilities

In the first roll, the chances of winning on a pass line bet are 8/36 – whereas the chances of winning on a don’t pass bet is just 4/36. But if you have established a point, the chances of rolling this point again is smaller then the risk of rolling a 7. If your point is 4 – the chances of you rolling this point again is only 3/36 – against 6/36 for a 7. In other words, you only have a 1-2 chance of rolling your 4 before you roll a 7.

After the first roll – the come out roll – the Don’t Come betters have a better chance of winning then the pass line betters do. The house edge on a pass line bet is 1.414% and it would be a lot smaller on the Don’t Pass bet if 12 did not result in a tie. Because of this the house edge on a Don’t Pass bet is only 1.402% – still a bit better then the pass line bet, but not much.