WynnBET Expanding To 7 US States

In mid-January, WynnBET announced that it would be imminently available in a total of seven states in the US, dramatically expanding its national presence. The company is currently already licensed to operate in New Jersey and Colorado, and will launch in Michigan very soon. According to a representative from the company, WynnBET plans to follow this by pursuing licensing in 12 additional US states where sports betting is currently legal.

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Iowa will be one of the first additional locations in which WynnBET will be made available. ©marchinileo0/Pixabay

WynnBET: Wynn’s Online Gambling Arm

WynnBET is the online gambling branch of Wynn Resorts, which is folded into a section of Wynn’s online business called Wynn Interactive. WynnBET offers both iGaming and sports betting options, and is currently available to gamblers in New Jersey and Colorado. WynnBET will soon launch, too, to players in Michigan.

What Is Wynn Interactive?

Wynn Interactive is the section of Wynn Resorts’ business which is focused on the online sector. In addition to WynnBET, Wynn Interactive is home to a couple of other unique iGaming options, which include Wynn Slots, an online slots option which provides players the chance to win free stays at Wynn Resorts locations.

Wynn Interactive also hosts BetBull, an online sports betting option specifically available to players in the United Kingdom. Prior to 2020, BetBull was an independent company, but it was acquired by Wynn in the last year, expanding the international company’s access to players outside of the United States.

In 2021, WynnBET Starts Out Strong

Just a few weeks into the new year, WynnBET is making it clear that they are playing to win in 2021. Up until now, WynnBET has fallen into the background of the American online gambling market, overshadowed by its competitors, like BetMGM, which used much of 2020 to expand into a number of US states and even its own sports betting TV show with VSiN.

Expansion Into Multiple New States Simultaneously

Now, WynnBET is racing to catch up with its competitors. As of January 20, the company has licensing and / or partnerships in New Jersey, Colorado, Michigan, and Iowa, though the brand has not yet formally launched in Michigan and Iowa. WynnBET’s Michigan operations are anticipated to begin very soon.

According to a statement made by a representative for the company on Friday, January 15, WynnBET has received a license to operate in Indiana, Nevada, and Massachusetts, though further details about these licenses — and any potential partnerships with local operators — have not yet been revealed.

WynnBET In Iowa

The most concrete new partnership between WynnBET and a local retail gambling location is the alliance between Elite’s Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa. This partnership means that players in Iowa will be able to access mobile sports betting powered by WynnBET via Elite’s Riverside Casino’s online option.

What Is Elite Casino Resorts?

Elite Casino Resorts is an Iowa-based gambling and hospitality brand. Elite is responsible for three integrated resort-casinos, two of which with included golf facilities: the Riverside Casino, home to the partnership with WynnBET; Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort; and Rhythm City Casino Resort. Each comes with its own ELITE Sportsbook.

Mobile Sports Betting Keeps Growing In Iowa

In just the last several months, a number of the biggest names in mobile sports betting in the US have brought their business to Iowa. First, in November 2020, the recently rebranded Bally’s announced that it would be bringing its online sportsbook to Iowa, making it the eleventh state in which the company has its mobile sports betting business.

In fact, Bally’s also partnered with Elite Casinos, though its sportsbook is available through Elite’s Larchwood, Iowa location. Then, in early January of 2021, BetMGM announced that it would be bringing its mobile sports betting option to Iowa thanks to a new partnership with Diamond Jo Casino, a retail gambling location in Dubuque, Iowa.

More On The Horizon

In the mid-January statement, Wynn’s spokesperson said that the company is currently applying for licenses to operate in both Tennessee and Virginia, but that’s not going to be the last of it for the hospitality corporation, which — like competitor MGM — has faced significant losses this year, but maintains optimism for its online content.

Rapid Growth Ahead

The WynnBET representative also alluded to the fact that the company is planning to dramatically expand its national reach during this year, referencing — broadly — that WynnBET plans to pursue licenses in an additional 12 states. This would make for a WynnBET presence in a total of 21 states.

Growth Reflected In Stock Market

In a report by Zacks Equity Research for Yahoo Finance, it was reported that shares in Wynn’s stocks have demonstrated gains of 32.8% in the last six months. This is pretty impressive for a company that is still best known for its brick-and-mortar casinos and hotels, both of which have been hard hit by the ongoing pandemic.

Wynn’s Aggressive Approach To Surviving COVID

When it comes to keeping business afloat during a pandemic, Wynn Resorts has demonstrated an aggressive approach. By announcing anticipated or imminent growth into 19 different states and turning a Vegas location into a COVID testing and vaccination site, Wynn is decisively striving to bridge the online and virtual marketplaces in a challenging time.

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