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More Seven Card Poker Information:

Players receive 7 cards, 3 face-down cards and 4 face-up cards. Your hand is determined by using the best five cards of the seven you have been dealt.

The Rounds:

There are five betting rounds in seven card stud poker. One bet and three raises are allowed on each betting round. To continue to play, players must call all action to them on each street or betting round (unless they are all-in).

  1. Everyone antes (puts a predetermined amount in the pot before the cards are dealt). This amount is based on the size of the game.
  2. Each player is dealt three cards (two "down" cards and one "up" card). The "up" card is also known as the "door card" or "Third Street". The lowest "up" card must initiate the action with a "Bring-In" bet. (If two or more players have the same lowest card, the person who brings it in is determined by suit order progressing from clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.)
  3. Upon completion of the first round of betting, another card is dealt face-up to each player that still remains in the pot (those who didn't fold on "third street"). This is "Fourth Street" (the second round of betting). From "Fourth Street" on, the highest hand showing begins the action by checking or betting.
  4. If a pair is showing on "Fourth Street", players have the option to make a single or double bet. If your opponent makes a single bet, you may call, raise a single bet, raise a double bet, or fold. If your opponent makes a double bet and you wish to raise, you may only raise an equal amount.)
  5. Upon completion of the betting on "fourth street", another card is dealt face-up to those who remain in the pot. This is called "Fifth Street" (the third round of betting - which doubles - and continues at this amount for the remaining betting rounds). The highest hand showing again starts the action by checking or betting.
  6. Upon the completion of betting on "fifth street", another card is dealt face-up. This is "Sixth Street" (fourth betting round).
  7. The final card is dealt down. The last card is also known as the "River Card" or "Seventh Street" (final round of betting).
  8. Upon completion of the final round of betting, the best hand wins the pot. The pot may also be won by someone who bets without being called at any time during the hand.
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