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It's a proven fact that no roulette strategy will help the player beat the casino in the long run. However, finding your own playing strategy is in my opinion still great fun ;) Read about my personal roulette strategy below.

Roulette Strategy

As demonstrated on my betting systems page. no roulette strategy will make you beat the casino in the long run - however that does not mean that you should not use a roulette playing strategy when you play roulette. But it does mean that you shouldn't waste your money buying any of the roulette strategies sold for a fortune online and in book stores.

When I play roulette I use my own personal roulette strategy. I go after the big win - the odds are against it like in most casino games, but I have had some success with this roulette strategy. Normally I lose but when I win, I win BIG.

Always remember that roulette gambling is not an investment - but entertainment. I risk small amounts of money every week on entertainment - normally I lose - but when I win I win big. In the long run the casino will most likely take my money - but once in a while I am lucky and win big with my personal roulette system.

My roulette strategy is to complete a number - it's very simple - I take nine chips to cover a single number on the roulette wheel. When that number comes up I win 144 units on a bet of only 9 units. I also win when the ball lands on the surrounding numbers.

Here's my system on number 17. I have one chip on 17 and chips on every border of 17. When I win, I get a net profit of 135 chips. I get 1x35 for the straight bet on 17, I get 4x17 for the combinations 17-15, 17-17, 17-18 and 17-20, furthermore I win 4x8 on the combinations 13-14,16-17,14-15,17-18,16-17-19-20, 17-18-20-21. On top of that I get my original bet of 9 units back so that adds up to 144 units.

I always complete a number in the mid column of the table - normally I pick number 17 but any number in the mid column will do. A completed number on the edge only adds up to a net win of 123 units - whereas a completed number in the middle of the table pays 135 units - as illustrated and explained above. So you should not pick a number on the edge of the table unless you're prepared to give up the 12 units when the roulette ball lands on your favorite lucky number.

Here is a screenshot I have taken from Casino On Net, also known as 888 Casino. I used my personal roulette strategy and completed number 17. When my number came up I won $144 on a $9 bet.
This screenshot is from my review of Spin Palace Casino. Again, I used my personal roulette strategy and completed number 17. On a $9 bet I won $144.

Please note that this is just my personal roulette strategy - this strategy will not make you beat the casino in the long run. In roulette the casino always has the edge in the long run. My strategy can give you some big wins - but in the long run the casino will always win - because no roulette strategy can make you win in the long run. Visit my page with betting systems to learn more about roulette strategies.

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