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Our Look at the Best E-Sports Betting Sites of 2021

The new generation of gambling is here. To help you on this journey we have compiled a review of the best E-Sports betting sites serving the interest of punters in this sub-section of the sportsbook. All the information gathered on this page concerns the various aspects of the bet placement process. Learn more about where to play, how to bet in-play, the promotions that are available to new customers and all the interesting facts and gamer information that will help you gain an advantage when betting on E-Sports. See below our complete list of the top five sportsbooks, all of which have a decent welcome offer ongoing that you can claim today.

The Top 5 E-Sports Betting Sites

There are many factors that determine the value of a sportsbook, besides the obvious reason for creating an account and claiming the bonuses, each bookie has a unique package they can offer their players. With the drastic overhaul of sportsbook technology and the new and improved feature list that you can currently see at these five operators, there are many things to consider where determining the best. In the following sections we will dive deeper into these individual aspects and dissect each service down to the barebone. With such a comprehensive analysis of this industry, you will have the complete knowledge on how to process and where to invest your money.

Which E-Sports Betting Sites Is the One for Me?

Determining which E-Sports betting sites are the best suited to your needs comes down to a variety of different factors. One must consider everything from the limits placed on depositing, the maximum number of bets on an accumulator slip, and the variance in payout rates between the industry leading betting sites. With all the varying factors to analyse it can become a bit overwhelming and difficult to make an objective judgement. But fear not, the following sections we get to discussing some of the biggest performance indicators of online E-Sports gambling, to bring you concise and objective guidance in this emerging market.

Understanding Odds Levels

Deciphering the odds levels at the sportsbook goes to the heart of what gambling is. The fundamental theorem of sports betting relies on the ability to determine offered odds from the “true odds”. Smart and experienced sports bettors will be able to spot when true odds are being offered, that is, payout rates that are close to 100%, and capitalise on this margin to ensure they are making a regular stream of profit. Below we have compiled odds payout rates from our four top E-Sports. As you can see the rates are largely consistent with the other sports at these five operators. Bookies tend to stick to the 90% payout rate and take the small margin as their commission.

Average Odds of the Best E-Sports
E-Sports Betting Site CS:GO LoL DotA 2 Apex Legends
90.17% 90.11% 89.62% 89.33%
91.65% 90.85% 90.13% 89.75%
90.73% 90.88% 89.92% 89.69%
89.99% 90.13% 90.54% 90.47%
90.19% 90.05% 89.64% 89.75%

Unless you’re betting vast sums of money on these markets, there really is no reason to concern yourself with these small differences. For the majority of players at online sports betting sites, there is not enough difference in these values to determine where and how they should bet. This data was compiled from a limited sample of games and markets and should serve merely as an indicator, and not form such a large portion of your bet placement thought and decision process.

Many E-Sports Available

With the emergence of so many fantastic video games that have been optimised for the professional arena, the E-Sports sub-sections of the world’s biggest sportsbooks are constantly growing with new and exciting games to bet on. Some of the biggest we have highlighted for you in the odds tables above. With the newest Battle Royale style venture released by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends taking the world by storm in recent weeks, it surely won’t be long until this is a big feature in E-Sports gambling.

All time classics like CS:GO still make up the majority of E-Sports betting volume, as the timeless nature and beauty of such games draws fans from around the world who plugin into live streams in the millions. DotA 2 also recently made headlines when the team crowned champions of the world earned a cool $30 million. Prizes like this shed some light on the sheer scale and popularity that this industry of professional video gaming commands.

Betting Markets

The betting markets that you can enjoy at the sportsbook for E-Sports are very refined and consistent math to match. You can expect to have a large number of options with games that are team based, as betting on the success of individual players, winning of each round, or method of victory are all completely possible. The biggest thing in E-Sports is ignoring the previous rounds and trying to be objective with your betting. Just because a team has won two rounds in a row, it does not mean they are necessarily more likely to be victorious for a third time in a row.

These decisions on what to bet on require some in-depth knowledge about the game in most cases, and if you are completely new to the whole concept of E-Sports it’s probably for the best if you get to grips with what is actually happening, the rule of the game, how a team might win and spotting what a skilled and talented gamer looks like. After all this you’ll probably be feeling comfortable to dip your toes in with a small stake bet on E-Sports.

E-Sports In-Play and Live Streaming

The live betting arena is one of the most exciting and opportunity filled mediums of betting. Punters have the unique chance to react to occurrences in the game and bet on immediate outcomes and possibilities. All this increased functionality is only possible due to advancements in sportsbook technology, third party API’s and the vast financial backing these brands receive. The E-Sports live arena is one of the most well-optimised that we have seen. One of the defining factors in our top pick of E-Sports betting, is a fantastic and intuitive live streaming hub. The ability to bet on games and watch them live is a truly exhilarating experience for any punter. You can see below some of the top live betting interfaces currently available in UK punters.

How Does In-Play Betting Look at the Top Operators?
  • In-play E-Sports platform at BetwayUnparalleled coverage of elite level E-Sports
  • In-play E-Sports platform at UnibetAdequate E-Sports betting facilities
  • In-play E-Sports platform at KarambaSmall E-Sports sub-section
  • In-play E-Sports platform at LadbrokesEasy to navigate sign-up process
  • In-play E-Sports platform at William HillWorld renowned sportsbook

The offerings from the UK’s biggest bookmakers are improving. In the last few years alone, we have witnessed an unprecedented overhauling of this market, there has been significant investment and development placed into improving the facilities for fans. Live streaming is becoming a prominent and unique feature of E-Sports. Compared to the many sports you can bet on at online betting sites, E-Sports live streams are widely available. In order to fully enjoy these streams, you have to be a paying customer who at least has an open bet and a funded account. If you fulfil these very lenient conditions, then you will gain access to countless live video streams.

Specific E-Sports Bonuses for New Players

In terms of the promotions on offer for E-Sports players, there are many wonderful and high-value bonuses to be taken advantage of. The welcome bonus of all the sportsbooks presented on this page are compatible for use in the E-Sports section of the website. These betting bonuses are usually rewarded in the form of a free bet, simply sign up to the bookie that you like the look of, make a qualifying bet that is in compliance with the minimum odds and then receive your bonus once the bet has been settled. The offer below is from the top sportsbook in this category, you can claim it easily by following the link below. Keep an eye out for the terms and conditions as some E-Wallets are excluded from welcome bonuses.

A gaming console controller
  • plenty of betting options
  • the king of E-Sports betting
  • bet and watch matches live

There are a number of reasons to get started with sports betting, and much like the casino equivalent, claiming welcome bonuses remains the primary marketing strategy of the industry’s biggest brands. There are a number of ways you can maximise your profits when starting out in an unfamiliar sub-section like E-Sports, but the rewards are much better and the risk much lower, when you’re utilising the many welcome bonuses on offer. There are several advancements being made in this category from the bookmakers, and it won’t be long until we start seeing specific E-Sports betting offers from these operators.

Adopt a Winning Strategy

There are a number of methods that you can employ to maximise your profits betting on E-Sports. The best punters always pay attention to the rosters, that being the specific gamers that make up some of the biggest teams within the E-Sport. Rosters are constantly changing as new talent is drafted in, so look out for the big names. It goes without saying that understanding the mechanics and gameplay of the E-Sport you’re betting on has its advantages, pay close attention to the maps and format chosen, as this may benefit certain styles of play. If you can watch the highlights of some of the matches involving the teams you want to bet on, this will undoubtedly enhance your knowledge and understanding of the form of a particular team.

Specific Details on the Biggest Titles

Now that you have the complete overview of E-Sports from the perspective of the sportsbook, we will explain in further details the specific dynamics and communities that surround each of the biggest titles under the E-Sports umbrella. The following descriptions should leave you feeling like you understand the motivation behind some of the world’s best gamers in a series of disciplines.

Apex Legends

APEX Legends logoApex Legends is an exciting battle royale game, borrowing concepts from several major titles including Titanfall 2. Released early in 2019, the game already has a thriving community of players. With over 25 million players making the free download of this game in the first month, it won’t be long until this a primary market in the E-Sports betting space.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive logoCounter Strike: Global Offensive has been a pioneer of the E-Sport professional scene ever since its release back in 2013. The game is a first-person shooter, featuring different modes and maps, where two teams battle in an attempt to complete pre-defined mission objective. It is currently the biggest E-Sport for betting on at Betway.

League of Legends

League of Legends logoLeague of Legends is a fantastic strategy-based team game that pits teams of players together battling in a fantasy arena. The strategy behind winning is incredibly complex and this is a game that relies heavily on reaction speed and quick decision making.

Obviously, there are many more titles out there that are sometimes available to bet upon at the sportsbook. The world of E-Sports is incredibly diverse and the multitude of different games from shooters to sports and the ability to bet on them is incredibly exciting for punters and fans alike. Watch this space for updates on the newcomers to the E-Sports betting world.

E-Sports Betting: The Future of Gambling

Now that we have taken you through this industry and given you the best E-Sports betting sites reviewed and analysed, you can go forth and try your luck. The new generation of punters are coming to age. Gone are the days where kids want to meet their favourite football or tennis stars, the biggest YouTubers and Twitch streamers are far more aligned with the aspirations and humour of Generation Z. Big names in the gaming industry command huge respect and endorsements from brands looking to ride the wave of their popularity. When it comes to online E-Sports betting, the market can only expand as many of the fans are maturing in age and will be looking to bet on these new and emerging titles that are flooding the market year-on-year. As E-Sports continues to develop, more and more of the industry’s best casinos need to start including the popular betting trend in their packages.


If you require any further clarification on the issues raised in this article please don’t hesitate to email us at contact@online-casinos.com – and we will get back to you promptly. Below are a few of the most common questions we receive from our readers.

Where can I watch E-Sports streams live?

As we previously stated in the review, many bookies will offer a streaming service for punters who have funded their account, and/or bet on the fixture in question. But if you want to have more dedicated streaming service head over to Twitch.tv - a dedicated platform for E-Sports streaming.

Can I bet on E-Sports through a mobile app?

You most certainly can use the betting apps of an E-Sports bookmaker to enjoy this market with.

Which countries allow E-Sports betting?

E-Sports are generally covered by the same legislation as all other sportsbook betting. Check the laws in your country and remember the bookmaker is the one who is responsible for conducting the relevant checks on new players to ensure they are legally allowed to bet.