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Key Information from the ComeOn! Casino Terms and Conditions

Getting your head around the 15,000-word ComeOn! Casino terms and conditions agreement seems about as fun as taking a pie in the face. That being said, these pages contain important information which you should at least have a basic knowledge of. Yikes, even that sounds horrible. Alas, I’ve caved in and done all the work for you! Within this page, you will find the key points that I have highlighted from the ComeOn! Casino terms of service which I think you should know about. Man, oh man, you owe me one! Please note, I performed this inspection on November 3rd 2017, so it’s possible the terms may have been updated by the time you get round to reading this article. If you have any questions or just want to thank me for my valiant and noble effort, you can contact me at contact@online-casinos.com. Now, let’s get stuck in!

Highlights of the Terms of Service

This page has been structured with all the key topics from the ComeOn! Casino terms and conditions documentation. Of course, it’s not too late, you can still check out the ComeOn! Casino terms of service yourself if you want. I didn’t think so. Below, you will find snippets of the terms sheet which I felt where either or important or unclear. Below these snippets, I have provided a revised, layman’s version of the text. If you want to find out more information on the general casino offer you should check out my original ComeOn! Casino review. Hope this helps!







6. You agree to use the ComeOn! Chat Service in accordance with the following Code of Conduct. You will not use the ComeOn! Chat Service to engage in any form of harassment or offensive behavior, including but not limited to abusive or defamatory statements, or racist, pornographic, obscene, or offensive language.

You will not use the ComeOn! Chat Service to infringe the privacy rights, property rights, or any other rights of any person. You will not submit any kind of material or information that is fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or violates any law. You will not use the ComeOn! Chat Service to distribute, promote or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation for funds, advertising or solicitation for goods or services. You will not use the ComeOn! Chat Service to distribute, promote or otherwise publish any kind of malicious code or do anything else that might cause harm to the Service or to other members’ systems in any way. You will not post or transmit in any manner any contact information including, but not limited to, email addresses, “instant messenger” nicknames, telephone numbers, postal addresses, URLs, or full names through your publicly posted information.

Comment: Most of these points probably seem like common sense, however, I wanted to highlight the communication of IM nicknames and URLs. I know it may seem like an innocent enough thing to do. You get chatted with another player on the live games and suddenly, a budding young friendship is set to bloom. However, the ComeOn! Casino terms and conditions strictly forbid this behaviour and failure to comply could result in an account suspension – pending an investigation. I think we both know this is something we would rather avoid.


7.For the purposes of applicable data protection legislation, the player hereby consents to the processing of any and all personal data (in manual, electronic or any other form) in connection with the player’s transactions in relation to ComeOn!. With the players’ approval ComeOn! may use personal details for marketing purposes. ComeOn! undertakes that it shall not process any personal data relative to the player for any purpose other than for administrating the player’s transactions with ComeOn! and marketing as approved by the player.

Comment: This is something I am always keen to highlight to players before they accept any terms and conditions from a casino. More often than not, you are agreeing to some of your personal information being shared with the marketing/advertising partners of the casino. Of course, much of this is a regular occurrence with any online casino as its merely part of the operational side of running the service. That said, I believe you should at least know about it.


8.ComeOn! will monitor all wagers and account transactions. All wagers are binding, even if the player had browser problems, Internet connection problems or other problems not caused by ComeOn!. Any winnings will be credited appropriately to the player’s account in the case that the player won. In the event of a game malfunction or use of the website in a way not intended by the design, all related wagers are considered null and void, and the player’s account will be returned to its starting balance (the account balance prior to erroneous wagering activity).

Comment: I think the stand out bit of information from this section is that, should any technical problems occur whilst you are playing at the casino, the most likely income is that all history of the wagers will be deleted, and the account reset to its previous state before playing the game. Not exactly what you want to hear if you find yourself on a hot streak at the slot games and all of a sudden, your laptop freezes. But better you know about it now, than later.




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