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Many video poker players believe that full pay video poker games are games that gives them an edge over the casino - this is not correct. A full pay video poker machine is simply the type of machine that offers the players the best odds.

What is Full Pay Video Poker?

Many video poker players believe that full pay video poker games are games that gives them the edge over the casino - above a 100% return in average - this is NOT correct.

A full pay video poker machine is simply a type of video poker machine that offers the players the best odds. If we are talking Jacks or Better video poker for example, the best odds offered to the player are on a 9/6 machine. There are many different kind of Jacks or Better video poker machines, and many of them will not offer you odds as good as you can get. In video poker terms you would say that such machines were short-pay machines as opposite to full pay machines. Read on and learn how to spot the best full pay video poker machines.

How To Spot A Full Pay Video Poker Machine:

Also called 9/6 video poker, finding full pay Jacks or Better Video Poker games is not hard - you just have to take a look at the pay tables to determine if it's a full pay machine. The first things you will look for in the paytable are the Full House AND the Flush. If the game pays off 9 coins for the Full House and 6 coins for the flush (that's why it's called 9/6 video poker) it's a full pay video poker machine. If the paytable is not showing 9/6 you don't want to play Jacks or Better video poker there - simply because it does not offer you the odds you can get from most online casinos. A jacks or better machine that does not offer full pay odds is known as a short-pay machine and the odds for Full house/Flush may be 8/5 - 7/5 or even 6/5.

Playing Jacks or Better - Double Check The Payout For Two Pairs As Well:

You should also look in the paytable for the payout for Two Pairs - this should always be 2 coins when one coin is played. If it's not two coins chances are that the machine/paytable is ripping you off.

Playing Jacks or Better - Look At The Royal Straight Flush Bonus (4000 Coins):

You should also make sure that a Jacks or Better video poker machine offers you a bonus for playing 5 coins per game - compared to playing - 1- 2 - 3 or 4 coins per game. The Royal Flush payout should be 4000 coins when a full five coins is played.

Short-pay Jacks Or Better Video Poker Will Cost You Money!

When you play Jacks or better video poker you are playing one of the best games in the casino - compared to the odds the other games offer you. When playing full pay video poker according to perfect jacks or better video poker strategy you can expect a long term return of 99.54% - close to even odds. However, if the payout for a Full House is short pay; lets say 8/5 - the long run expected return is only 97.30%. An even worse 7/5 offers a return of 96.15% and the 6/5 machine only offer a expected return of just 95%. You don't want to play less then full pay video poker.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Paytables - Full Pay VS. Short Pay
Video Poker Machine Full Pay Short Pay
Royal Flush 250 250
4 Deuces 200 200
Wild Royal 25 25
5 of a kind 15 15
Straight Flush 9 9
4 of a kind 5 4
Full House 3 3
Flush 2 2
Straight 2 2
3 of a kind 1 1
Expected Return 100.17% 94.30%

As you can see on the paytable above, full pay Deuces Wild offers an expected return of 100.17% - a game that gives the player the mathematical edge! However, that requires you to play according to perfect deuces wild video poker strategy - without making any mistakes.

What is really important in this game is picking the full pay deuces wild machines - as the short pay machines offer an expected return as low as 94.30%.

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