Caleta Gaming Eyes Its Mexican Audience

International games developer Caleta Gaming appears to be working to sweeten the deal for players in Mexico with three new, Mexican-inspired slots. This demonstrates a desire by the company, which has offices in Brazil, Uruguay, and Gibraltar, to expand its Mexican player base and audience. Caleta Gaming is far from the only gaming company to be looking to Mexico, with new deals announced aiming toward the Mexican market every week.

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Caleta Gaming’s newest releases pay tribute to quintessentially Mexican iconography. ©ernestordzglz/Pixabay

Caleta Gaming designs online and mobile games, specifically for gambling. Using a unique GP5 platform, Caleta Gaming boasts a massive portfolio of colorful HTML5 games, including slots and bingo options. Players have the choice to access these games via iOS and Android, on their desktops, or via their mobiles or tablets.

Some of Caleta Gaming’s games include Bingo Cientista Doidão, Village Brewery, Cruise of Fortune, Ocean Riches, Magical Keno, Magic Forest, and The Dressing Room. Each of these games employs vibrant and familiar designs relating to virtual slots or bingo players, all with unique, immaculately designed interfaces.

Caleta Gaming’s Newest Releases

The three newest games from Caleta Gaming are specifically designed to appeal to its Mexican audience. These games are Señorita Calavera, Saga Loca, and Señor Taco. Each of these games is designed to reference a different archetype or stereotype from Mexico, including a man with a mustache in a sombrero.

The title character of Señorita Calavera, a feminine skeleton wearing a wide-brimmed pink hat and a flowing, pastel-colored dress, references the iconography of Día de Los Muertos, a Mexican holiday celebrated in early November which honors the memory of the dead and the lives of the living.

Each of the new games offer exciting and thematic bonus options. In Saga Loca, which uses a main character set in a Wild West-looking town, wearing a large red hat and holding two guns, the bonus option is the “Bounty Hunter,” and the player must be on the lookout for “El Coyote Loco” — the crazy coyote.

In Señor Taco, players can unlock a “Spicy Taco” bonus. During this round, players have to be on the lookout, making sure not to use too much hot peppers in the food they prepare. Finally, Señorita Calavera has two different bonus rounds: the “Funny Dancing Skulls” bonus, as well as the “Path of Candles” bonus.

Caleta Gaming: Becoming A Power Player in Latin America

In the last year, Caleta Gaming has been keeping up its growth in Latin America at a steady clip. At the 2019 SAGSE Convention in Buenos Aires, Caleta Gaming announced a partnership with Copacabana Gaming, a project called Ipanema Gaming, with a special focus on players in Brazil.

Then, in April of this year, Caleta Gaming struck a deal with Latam Win, a company most recently known for its new partnership with Triple Cherry, and before that, with Play’n GO. As with Copacabana Gaming, the Caleta Gaming-Latam Win partnership was focused on growing a presence in Brazil.

In June, Caleta Gaming partnered with Salsa Technology, which is increasingly becoming a company to watch in the Latin American gaming market. This means that players who use Salsa Technology’s unique gaming platform, in countries including Mexico and Argentina, will also be able to access Caleta Gaming’s exciting games.

This deal is particularly exciting, because Salsa Technology — formerly known as Patagonia Entertainment — has been consistently growing not just in Latin America, but around the world. In March of this year, Salsa Technology announced new partnerships with gaming companies Gamshy and Zeusplay, based in Italy and Greece, respectively.

Following this arrangement, Caleta Gaming continued expanding in Brazil, partnering with RCT Gaming, one of the largest game providers in the country. That partnership means that both RCT Gaming’s portfolio and Caleta Gaming’s wide array of more than 50 HTML5 games are available to players in Brazil.

From A Base in Brazil, Caleta Gaming Is Looking To Mexico

Considering how many partnerships Caleta Gaming has made which specifically focus on Brazil, including its own collaborative gaming company, Ipanema Gaming, which focuses on the region, it’s notable that these three new releases, em>Señorita Calavera, Saga Loca, and Señor Taco, are directed intentionally to a Mexican audience.

Mexico has consistently been one of the main markets for gambling in Latin America, and Caleta Gaming is far from the only company eyeing it. In late July, Booongo partnered with Big Bola to expand in Mexico, and, as mentioned above, Latam Win partnered with Triple Cherry recently to grow a Mexico footprint as well.

It’s clear that even as coronavirus uncertainty has plagued the international casino market, Mexico will remain a stronghold of gambling growth and industry focus. And the movement goes in both ways: gambling companies based in Mexico are also now beginning to expand outward to other countries, like Mexican casino operator Logrand.

Why Mexico?

Though Mexico’s current President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (or AMLO), has waffled on the subject of gaming during his time in office, Mexico has consistently had a fairly lenient set of regulations pertaining to gambling since the late 1940s. Today, almost all sectors of gambling are indirectly permitted by existing law in Mexico.

This is what sets Mexico apart from other Latin American countries, such as Argentina and Brazil, which currently make gambling illegal. Instead, Mexico is something akin to Colombia, though Mexico’s iGaming sector does not seem to be as regulated, instead governing with a loose fist.

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