Two Big Moves in Peru’s Gaming Market

The last weeks have seen two big new developments in Peru’s gaming market coming from gaming companies KTO and Win Systems. Operators building their base in the Latin American country cited Peru’s reliable regulations — compared, certainly, to the fluctuating rules of neighboring countries like Mexico and Argentina, whose leadership has flip-flopped considerably on gaming in recent years. The decision by KTO and Win Systems to strengthen their presence in Peru indicates that many other companies may follow suit.

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As regulations have gotten more unpredictable in countries like Mexico and Argentina, companies seeking to expand into Latin America are increasingly looking to Peru. ©Lukas/Pexels

Win Systems in Peru

One of the two big deals focused on Peru in the last weeks was the decision for Win Systems, a Malta-based gaming company, to grow its base in Peru.

In a press release dated January 27, 2020, Win Systems announced that they would be acquiring the distribution company of some of its most beloved products. This includes Win Systems’ GameStar slots and Gold Club electronic roulettes.

According to the press release, this new decision comes after the marked success of Win Systems in Peru since its introduction to the Latin American country in 2017. In just a few years, Win Systems’ Gold Club roulettes and GameStar slot machines have swelled to be installed in more than 2,000 locations nationwide — not bad for a small country like Peru!

“Peru is one of the most strategic markets for Win Systems, characterized by stable regulations and highly professional operators. Our products and services are widely accepted in the country, both our GameStar gaming machines and our Gold Club electronic roulettes, as well as our Wigos casino management system that has also grown exponentially in the last two years. With the acquisition of our distributor, we intend to further consolidate our commitment to this market, strengthening and providing greater resources for the great work they have done during this time.”Eric Benchimol, CEO, Win Systems

GameStar and Gold Club: Big Wins for Win Systems

GameStar is the newest series of slot machines from Malta-based gaming developer Win Systems, which have been received to much enthusiasm in casinos around the world. Featuring an innovative adaptive illumination technology, GameStar machines fuse enthralling visual effects with their exciting games, making for an even more enrapturing experience for the gamer.

Through an implementation of Jackpot Systems and their signature multi-game platform, gamers can rely on a smooth and exciting gaming experience on the GameStar machines. Included in the GameStar slot machine series are beloved cabinets like ST3, Rhapsody, Arcadia, S3, and ST2.

Gold Club, by contrast, is Win Systems’ patented multi-player electronic roulette. Using cutting-edge technology on the casino classic, the Gold Club roulette games make sure for exciting and captivating game play, using the same adaptive illumination technology of the GameStar slots to keep players engaged.

Included in WinSystems’ Gold Club electronic roulette series are vibrant options like Chinese Roulette, Ventura, Futura, Lumina, Quadra, iO, Unica, Knockout, and Golden Wheel. In addition to aesthetic design differences, all of these different series vary as to whether they are single-player or multiplayer roulette options. But on one thing, they’re all united: the glowing, enchanting look of a WinSystems machine, promising an electric gameplay to excited roulette fans!

Another Big Announcement: KTO.PE

Another big announcement in the last few weeks was the decision made by KTO Apuestas, a gaming operator with offices in Asia, Europe, and Curaçao, to team up with Malta-based software and services provider Altenar to create a sportsbook system for players in Peru.

This new system, which will be called KTO.PE, will be available both online and offline to players in Peru interested in placing sports bets.

KTO.PE is just the latest in KTO Apuestas’s international offerings, which are available in countries across Asia and Europe. The company is just beginning to branch into Latin America, however — Peru marks its second Latin American location, after Brazil.

The collaboration between KTO Apuestas and Altenar will allow KTO.PE to implement Altenar’s carefully developed solution in both KTO’s online solutions and in all of its shops. Altenar’s lauded solutions include detailed pre-match and in-play offerings, which offer favorable odds and the possibility to select from a wide range of leagues.

This comes in addition to Altenar’s exciting portfolio of additional virtual games and signature, high-speed software which allows for ultra-fast processing and unimpeded gameplay.

According to Pedro Benavides, the managing director of KTO Apuestas, the decision to partner with Altenar came from noticing the brand’s impressive presence already in Latin America. In fact, Benavides went so far as to call the brand “the obvious choice when entering the Peruvian market.”

What’s more, Benavides hinted that this will not be the end of KTO Apuestas building a presence in Peru. He continued: “We were looking for a strong partner to support our ambitious growth plans in the country.”

Altenar in Latin America

Following a partnership with Wplay, Altenar made its entry into the Latin American market as the two companies teamed up to introduce themselves to Colombia.

This venture was a major success. According to Altenar COO Dinos Stanomitis, the decision on the part of Wplay and Altenar to customize their offerings as closely as possible to the interests and desires of the average sports book better in Colombia, the companies now lead the standards for Colombia’s gaming market.

And because of Colombia’s demonstrated smashing success in gaming, these standards are likely to be emulated elsewhere!

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Latin America is an increasingly promising gaming market and is working in real-time to regulate its booming gaming industry. ©Pixabay/Pexels

As Argentina and Mexico Become Shaky, Peru’s Promise

The Latin American gaming market has long been appealing to companies around the world, who have targeted such countries as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina in their hopes to explore and expand into the lucrative region.

However, Latin America is a mixed bag for international companies as countries across the region fluctuate on the prospect of gambling legalization and regulation.

Some countries, like Colombia, are increasingly friendly to international gaming companies, and are crafting relatively lenient legislation in the hopes of continuing an upward trend in the industry nationwide. Companies around the world are noticing: in just the last few weeks, Playtech, Zitro, and MGA Games have all made moves to offer their services — and, in the case of Zitro, even to open an office — in the Latin American country.

Other countries, like Mexico, have made a point to repeatedly remind the gaming industry that they are officially closed for new casino business. Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has repeatedly told the press that, during his administration, he will not approve any new casinos in Mexico.

As a result, Peru — with its comparative history of stable regulation and relatively up-to-date regulations — is increasingly appealing to international companies seeking to build new business on steady ground.

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