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This free one armed bandit is a bright and colorful slot game with the option of winning a fortune at the casino. Play it for free here at or wager real money at the game sponsors website.

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'Wheel of Fortune Slots' is a registered trademark, and therefore most online casinos doesn't offer a game by that exact same name. You might know this slot machine from Las Vegas - but it's not called the same name online. However online casinos DO have the game but usually they just give it another name then 'Wheel of fortune slot machine'. For example; Online casinos build on the Cryptologic software offers a game called "Rags to Riches". Rags to Riches is very similar to WOF. Cryptologic casinos also offers the game "Millionaires Club Slot" - which is also very similar to the WOF slot machine. At the time of writing Millionaires Club offers players the chance of winning a jackpot of almost 6 million USD. You can visit our Intercasino Review to find more information about the Rags to Riches slots game as well as the Millionaires Club Slot. Unfortunately no Cryptologic casinos accept U.S. players at the moment.

A few online casinos do offer a game that they actually do call WOF. Among others Virgin Games Casino and The Casino Lobby both offer slot games called Wheel of Fortune. However the game found at The Casino Lobby has absolutely nothing to do with the WOF slots you can play in Las Vegas. You can click on the two links to read our reviews of these online casinos. Our online casino reviews include pictures of the WOF games that they do offer.

Online casinos build on the Microgaming software also offer a game very similar to the WOF slot. Microgaming call this one "Wheel of Wealth Slot". This game is in our opinion the game that comes the closest to the wheel of fortune slots that can be played in Las Vegas. You can check out some of the reviews we have made of Microgaming casinos to see pictures of the Wheel of Wealth Slot machine that can be played at Microgaming casinos. Among others we have reviewed the Wheel of Wealth game in our All Star Slots Online Casino Review.

Playing The Free Wheel Of Fortune Look Alike Game Above:

Playing the free Wheel of Fortune slots game above brings home the best of slots action based on all-time favorite classics. Players stand in line to win a small fortune with this slot machine - up to 20,000 coins! Players can bet up to three coins by clicking the BET button. This will increase the number of bets, every time the button is pressed. Alternatively, players can press the MAX BET button in order to bet the full (maximum) three coins allowed on this slot machine. The SPIN button will activate the reels and will display winning combinations. Players can press the PAYTABLE button to see whether their spin was successful according to the combinations displayed on the paytable. If the player is fortunate enough to get the 'wheel symbol', they can play the wheel of fortune (hence the name of this slot game). This option is only available to players who made a three coin bet, according to the paytable. This Wheel of Fortune slots game is placed in a realistic looking casino lounge, equipped with everything from plush carpets to comfortable looking chairs in the background. As such, it brings players a realistic gaming experience with good 3-D interface, flashing lights and exciting ringing sounds if a win has taken place.

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