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Bingo is a game of elegance and simplicity - and it's even easier online. The objective of any style of bingo is to complete the game pattern on your bingo card before any other player. If a pattern is completed, a "bingo" is achieved and a winner is crowned.

Online Bingo Rooms Reviewed

Looking for an online bingo room? Check out our online bingo room reviews using the links below:

Bingo. What's It All About?

Not really familiar with how the game works and what it's all about? Learn more about the objective of play, how prizes are won, and the different variations that are available in our Bingo primer.

An Introduction To Playing Bingo Online

Perhaps you've played at your local bingo parlor, church or somewhere else with cards in hand, but have yet to try your luck online? Learn more about how to get started playing 'virtually' for real money or just for fun with our introduction to playing bingo online.

Online Bingo - How Does It Compare To Real-World Gaming?

What are the differences between playing 'regular' bingo versus playing the game online? While the objectives remain the same, there's quite a few arguments for why the latter is more convenient. Learn more in our bingo comparison.

The History Of Bingo

Learn a little about the history of bingo and how it became to be one of todays most popular games of chance; from it's origins in Italy to it's evolution into parlors (and online!) across the world today.

Playing Bingo - The Usual Suspects?

When you think of bingo players do you imagine older ladies in smoke filled halls? You might be surprised at who's playing the game these days. Read more about it in our article on who's playing bingo.

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