U.K. Labour Party Says Gambling Addiction Needs Attention

Published Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
U.K. Labour Party Says Gambling Addiction Needs Attention

Great Britain is committed to maintaining social security in a regulated environment which serves to protect the vulnerable. The government has allowed gambling to find a place in the fabric of the country while attempting to make it safe for responsible punters.

It has been suggested that there are almost a half a million people in the United Kingdom that are affected by a gambling addiction. The lives of those affected can be devastating ruining families and communities in the process. The social cost to treat the problem which may include criminal justice, welfare, housing, and more reaches as much as £1.2billion every year. These numbers indicate there is a crisis brewing in the U. K. and with but one National Health Service funded addiction clinic for gambling there is some political attention being paid.

GambleAware is the body hired by the government to do commissioning research, education and specialised treatment into gambling addiction. The process is funded by a voluntary industry levy of 0.1%.  Of the gambling industry yield amounting to £13.8billion each year, only £8.75million is destined for the treatment of gambling addiction and gambling related harm. This amount is not considered sufficient in order to relieve the damage done by being addicted to betting.

The Labour party's platform emphasises greater state intervention, social justice and strengthening workers' rights and is compelled to look at how gambling behaviour continues to be normalised in our society.  The review of gambling in Britain also includes the impact of advertising and sponsorship on the citizen’s behaviour. The party is investigating methods to protect children, and the process of updating laws to regulate gambling online ensuring an increase in gambling addiction is avoided.

The opposition Labour party has vowed if elected to tackle what they consider the UK’s hidden epidemic of gambling addiction along with changing the current gambling laws.

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