Online Poker Finding Problems With New Jersey Offering

Published Wednesday, January 08, 2014 -
Online Poker Finding Problems With New Jersey Offering

The rolling stone gathers no moss is what is coming to light in the newly introduced online gambling situation in New Jersey.

Touted as the number one online casino and poker room in the world, is having difficulty living up to its reputation. After a disastrous few weeks since the firm came online it has had a massive number of complaints over the lack of a VIP rewards system and disconnect issues.

While the problem of not having a VIP system in place seems to has disappeared for the most part the technical problem of the annoying disconnect has definitely alienated number of customers. Caesars and 88poker in the USA was fast off the mark to offer its products in the New Jersey jurisdiction but it may have been too soon according to the number of dissatisfied players who are voicing their concerns loudly and often.

Competition for the poker enthusiast is great with rewards programs such as the ones offered by Full Tilt Poker and their Black Card sponsorship campaign and then PokerStars releasing the news that 371 players reached Supernova Elite status in 2013. The slip up by the 888 developers forgetting the rewards aspect is unexplained, so there is no wonder that some poker players are upset.

While the rewards programs are not every ones cup of tea the disconnect issue can put a damper on a tournament like a wet blanket on a roaring fire. The problems associated with the geolocation technology should be a concern for regulators in New Jersey because some players are taking their laptops across the State line and still remaining actively engaged in New Jersey’s jurisdiction.

Political leaders are also ramping up efforts to make the gambling situation more palatable in the Garden State. Advertizing for online poker and other casino games has been reaping its intended reward. The interest in online gambling in New Jersey continues to met the expectations of casino owners and politicians alike.

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