Courtsiding Brit Exonerated Of Illegal Online Betting

Published Thursday, March 06, 2014 -
Courtsiding Brit Exonerated Of Illegal Online Betting

The Australian Open Tennis Championship was a great event that had millions of people betting on the outcome. One young man was caught transmitting information at one of the matches and ended up being arrested on charges pertaining to illegal betting practices in Australia.

That young man Daniel Thomas Dobson, 22, a British citizen, had been accused of “courtsiding” under a new law that bans the passing of information about a match faster than it could be transmitted through official channels. It has been confirmed that the charges against the gentleman have been dropped by police.

A statement released by Victoria police read, “After careful consideration,” the police had accepted the state prosecutor’s decision not to proceed with the case. The spokesman added that the decision “should not be seen as an invitation for people to attend the Australian Open next year and engage in courtside betting.”

Dobson was employed by Sporting Data, a consulting service for online gambling and wagering. The police alleged  that while at the Australian Open, Dobson had a device hidden in his clothing that allowed him to transmit scores almost in real time from a first-round men’s match. A court document accused him of “conduct that corrupts or would corrupt a betting outcome.”

David Galbally Dobson’s defense lawyer said the police had “no evidence to support any charge” that Dobson had tried to interfere with a sports event. “They had no evidence to support any proposition that he was doing anything that was illegal,” he said of his client.

 In a statement by Dobson’s employer read, “Sporting Data are pleased that the corruption charge against our employee, Daniel Dobson, has been dropped and that Sporting Data, its employees and directors have been exonerated of any wrongdoing,” the statement continued, “The charge was entirely spurious, and the police appear to have been particularly badly advised in the matter. We would like to thank all those who have supported us through this difficult time.”



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