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This free casino game is a fun poker table game brought to you by and Royal Vegas Casino, where it can also be played for real money.

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Please note that you must have Java installed on your PC for the free Let it ride poker game to work. You can download Java Runtime Environment by Sun Microsystems for free at Java Runtime Environment allows you to run applications called "applets" that are written in the Java programming language. These applets can for example be a Let it Ride game such as this one.

Cherry Casino's free Let it Ride Poker game brings you a realistic gaming experience around a luxurious felt poker table with a good 3D interface and pleasant colors. The sound of the cards being dealt and the chips being placed is the only audio heard in this game.

Players can note the rankings of the poker hands on the bonus tables listed on the poker table. A royal straight flush pays out 1000:1, a straight flush 200:1, four of kind 50:1, full house 11:1, flush 8:1, straight 5:1, three of a kind 3:1, two pairs 2:1 and pairs of ten or better 1:1. There is also a bonus payout table for players who want to try the bonus option.

Players begin with a $5000 free credit and can buy their chips from denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 and $100. Thereafter, they place their three equal bets in the betting circle.

The player presses the DEAL button to have three cards dealt and looks at them before deciding on his next move. Players must then decide whether to take down their first bet (PULL) or let it ride (by using the LET IT RIDE button). If the player decides to let it ride, one of the dealer's community cards will be exposed and the player then needs to decide whether to PULL the second bet or LET IT RIDE again. The dealer then reveals the second community card and the player sees whether he is a winner or not.

The free Tally Ho Slot is sponsored by Royal Vegas Casino.

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